Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus

Sweet Baby Jesus

Brewed by:

DuClaw Brewing Company

Abingdon, Maryland USA

American Porter

6.50% ABV

Commercial Description:
Chocolate peanut butter porter. This is the 2011 H.E.R.O. Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter re-branded and released again in December 2012.

General Pricing:
12oz bottles: ~$9.00 6 pack ~$34.00 case

I just sampled this beer last week at Chocolate Beer tasting at State Line Liquors. I thought it was very interesting at the time and thought I should give it a full review.

The beer pours a dark brown almost completely opaque with just a hint of ruby hues peeking though the edges of the glass. The pour also produced a fairly rich tan head.

The nose is very unique with dark roasted malt aromas along with very strong notes of chocolate and peanut butter; actually the peanut butter very predominant on the nose. This is a first for me.

Wow, what a unique first sip; full with rich roasted malts, chocolate and peanut butter.

This unique experience starts out with a touch of dark malt sweetness up front followed by a very smooth almost silky mouthfeel as this rich ale washes over the tongue in the middle of the sip. The back-end continues to be smooth but the richness provides a slight hesitation on the swallow. The finish is as unique and complex as the nose with rich roasted malt flavors with notes of coffee, toffee and chocolate followed by the flavor of peanut butter. The final aftertaste is of lingering toffee and peanut butter.

This may be the most unique beer that I have ever tasted.

As the beer warms I’m picking up more peanut butter and also a touch of bitterness. There is so much complexity in the experience that I did not notice the dry hops on the finish until now that it as warmed a little.

Certainly for craftsmanship alone this is a solid A. I’m still a little put off or completely not accepting of a peanut butter flavored beer but I have to acknowledge the quality of this fine brew.

A | DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus is a most unique American Porter with rich roasted malt flavors with notes of coffee, toffee and chocolate followed by the strong  but natural peanut butter flavors on the finish.

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