Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shiner Kosmos Reserve

Shiner Kosmos Reserve

Brewed by:
Spoetzl Brewery
Shiner, Texas, USA

American Pale Lager

4.98% ABV

Commercial Description:
“Kosmos Spoetzl knew how to brew great beer. Born in Bavaria, Kosmos’ mastery of German brewing carried him as far as Egypt before he found his way to the small Texas town of Shiner. Our proud brewery still carries his name and commitment to excellence in brewing. This full-flavored, hop-jacked lager is every bit as unique as the man himself and our way of saluting the brewmaster who started it all.”

General Pricing:
12 oz bottles: ~$7.00 6 pack

Kathy’s Uncle Jesse stopped by around Christmas time and gave me a 6 pack of Shiner beers. Most of which I have not had before so I’ve been saving them to review. I am finally getting around to them.

The beer pours a clear light copper with golden yellow hues and a modest white head.

The nose is very pleasant with sweet pal malt aromas with grassy notes and a touch of earthy hops.

That was nice first sip; pleasant pale malt flavors with a dry refreshing finish.

The taste starts out with a very pleasant pale malt sweetness up front followed by a refreshing cleansing mouthfeel as the beer washes over the tongue in the middle of the sip. The back-end is very easy drinking with an effortless swallow. The finish is very nice with great pale malt flavors followed by a clean dry finish. There is just a slight aftertaste of some lingering light pale malts.

All and all this is an excellent Pale Lager.

I have really enjoyed this beer.

This is an A for sure, one of the best Pale Lagers that I have ever had.

A | Shiner Kosmos Reserve is an excellent Pale Lager maybe even the best that I have had. It is very refreshing and easy drinking but carries along with it great pale malt flavors, smooth easy mouthfeel and a great clean finish with little to no aftertaste. This could be my new gold standard for this style. What a nice little beer

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