Monday, May 21, 2012

Schlafly Irish-Style Extra Stout

Schlafly Irish-Style Extra Stout

Brewed by:
Saint Louis Brewery / Schlafly Tap Room
Saint Louis, Missouri USA

Foreign / Export Stout

8.00% ABV

Commercial Description:
This full-bodied and full-flavored rich, dark ale has a malty sweetness balanced with plenty of hops to create the perfect stout.

General Pricing:
12oz bottle, ~$12.00 6 pack, ~$44.00 case

Posting Note:
This review took place on April 12, 2012 but not posted until May 21, 2012.

The gang at work contracted State Line Liquors to put together a basket of cheer for me when I was home with a nasty case of the Shingles. Robert Murray at SLL did a great job in personally selecting beers for me. I was planning on doing this one on St. Patrick’s Day but I ended up brewing that weekend. I have been thoroughly impressed with Schlafly and can’t wait to try this one.

The beer pours an opaque stout black with no light getting through the glass and a fairly rich tan to cocoa head.

The nose is very nice with rich dark roasted malt aromas that carry notes of dark fruit and chocolate.

Wow, what a great first sip; rich dark roasted malt flavors with a smooth mouthfeel and sweet finish. This is nice!

The experience starts out with a touch of dark malt sweetness up front on the tip of the tongue. That is followed by the most pleasant mouthfeel as the rich ale rolls over the tongue in the middle of the sip. There is a perceived robustness at the top of the swallow that is easily overcome on the back-end. There is a slight carbonation release during the swallow that masks some of the rich flavors. The finish pulls everything together nicely with rich but smooth dark roasted malts with notes of chocolate, toffee, and dark fruit followed by a classic Irish dry hop stout finishing note. The final after taste is classic lingering dark roasted malts.

What a great little beer. Again and again I’m thoroughly impressed with the simple elegance of the Schlafly beers. If these are their standard offerings I can’t wait to try some of their high-end 750’s.

As this warms I’m picking more smokiness from the roasted malts and the sweetness from the alcohol. This just keeps getting better and better.

Sorry I’m not doing much writing on this one. I’m just soaking up this wonderful beer, relaxing in the lazy-boy.

I just noticed that the bottle says that this is a special release. I certainly hope that it becomes and annual seasonal.

We are not quite to room temperature and this just keeps getting better as it warms.

Now with less carbonation the mouthfeel is velvety smooth.

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this Extra Stout.

We are almost done and I don’t feel I did this beer justice.

With each sip I seem to be slouching lower and lower in my seat with the warmth and comfort of this beer.

Well, all good things must come to an end and so to must this review, especially since I have an empty glass.

This is a solid A+ for a Foreign Export/Extra Stout. Actually this may be my new gold standard for the style.

A+ | Schlafly Irish Style Extra Stout is an outstanding Foreign Export stout with smooth rich dark malt flavors and a silky smooth mouthfeel followed by the most incredible warm and comforting finish. You will set back, relax and sink into your lazy-boy when you encounter this phenomenal little stout. 

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