Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Florida Beer Florida Lager

Florida Lager

Brewed by
Florida Beer Company
Melbourne, Florida USA

American Amber / Red Ale Lager

5.10% ABV

Commercial Description:
GABF 2011 Bronze winner, Florida Beer Florida Lager, Florida Beer Co., American-Style Amber Lager    2011
Florida Beer Company Florida Lager is a tropical inspired craft lager. Florida Lager uses only the finest ingredients presenting a complex yet balanced full, rich flavor. A perfect blend of 2-row and caramel malt with German Tradition and Northern Brewer hops. (RateBeer.com.com)

General Pricing:
12oz bottle, ~$9.00 6 pack

Posting Note:
This review was actually done on 4-16-2012 but not posted until 5-22-2012.

My friend Gonzalo was in Florida visiting relatives over the Christmas Holidays and brought me back a few local beers. So the next few reviews will be Florida brews.

The beer pours a clear light copper with golden hues and a modest white head.

The nose is modest with light pale/pilsner malt aromas with grassy and citrus notes.

Well, I guess not a bad first sip for a lager.

The taste starts out with light pale malt sweetness up front followed by a cleansing effervescence as the beer washes over the tongue in the middle of the sip. The back-end is very easy drinking with an effortless swallow. The finish is pleasant but non-eventful with light pale malt flavors along with a nondescript dry finish with a touch of citrus. There is also that typical lager harshness on the finish. There is little to no final aftertaste.

So as far as pale lagers go, this one is not too bad. I know it's listed as an Amber but this looks and taste more like a Pale Lager.

There was not much going on for this beer. It’s not bad it’s just a very plane lager.

On the other had it warmed up without developing any off flavors and that’s a big plus for me. I still a little disappointed. I guess I expected more from a GABF Bronze Metal Winner.

I’m going or a B- on this one. There is not much too this beer but then again there is not much to the style.

B- | Florida Lager is a very pleasant American Lager with enjoyable pale malt flavors, easy drinking with a refreshingly dry finish with a touch of citrus and little to no aftertaste.

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