Thursday, March 1, 2012

Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Rouge

Kasteel Rouge (Red)

Brewed by:
Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V.

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

8.00% ABV

Commercial Description:
Castle Red is the fruit beer of the Castle range.
Its unique dark red colour is obtained by mixing Castle brown that has been left to mature for at least 6 months with sour cherries.
This beer has gastronomic qualities and can be drunk as an aperitif, with a BBQ, to accompany a dessert or simply as an outstanding real ale.

General Pricing:
11.2oz 330ml bottle, ~$5.50 each
750ml  bottle, ~$10.00 each

The gang at work contracted State Line Liquors to put together a basket of cheer for me when I was home with a nasty case of the Shingles. Robert Murray at SLL did a great job in personally selecting beers for me. The next several reviews will be from this gift basket.

The beer pours a deep ruby with a modest diminishing pinkish off white head.

The nose is complex with some caramel malt aromas blended in with sweet cherries and with a gentle swirl of the glass floral hops are noted.

Wow, what an unusual tasting beer; sweet cherries and a touch of sourness on the finish.

The taste starts out with a touch of sweetness up front followed by a cleansing effervescence as the ale washes over the tongue in the middle of the sip. The back-end is very easy drinking with an effortless swallow. There is a carbonation release during the swallow that masks the flavors during the swallow. The finish is incredibly sweet with natural cherry flavors, a touch of caramel malts and a hint of sourness. All of this blends together for an amazing experience. The final aftertaste is of sweet cherries and a touch of caramel malts.

This is extremely sweet with rich sweet dark cherry flavors. I can’t really explain why but I am really enjoying this. Maybe I was just in the mood for something different and this fits the bill.

The cherry flavors are very rich and natural; there is nothing artificial about this beer whatsoever.

As the beer warms a little I’m starting to pick up the sweet alcohol on the finish.

These last few sips were at room temperature and how exquisite. At this temperature it reminded me of an adult ale version of a Cherry Coke. Rich natural cherries blended in with a dark malt ale.  

I have to go with an A on this sweet cherry fruit beer.

Kasteel Rouge is an exceptionally sweet Belgian Fruit Bier with exquisite natural cherry flavors that blend into aged dark malts producing an adulterated version of a cherry coke in your mouth while leaving a seductively smooth warm alcohol finish.  

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