Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sixpoint Diesel

Sixpoint Diesel


Brewed by:
Brooklyn, New York, USA

American Stout

6.3 % ABV

Commercial Description:
American Stout, full-bodied, roasted, and highly hopped.
Each dawn is clear. Cold air bites the throat. Thick frost on the pine bough. Leaps from the tree snapped by the diesel. On the darkest days of the year, light becomes a luxury. Just when you think you cannot penetrate the darkness... SNAP! Light pierces through the roasted pine forest.

General Pricing:
16 oz can ~$9.00 4 pack

The gang at work contracted State Line Liquors to put together a basket of cheer for me when I was home with a nasty case of the Shingles. Robert Murray at SLL did a great job in personally selecting beers for me. The next several reviews will be from this gift basket.

The beer pours stout black completely opaque with no light getting through the glass and a rich dark tan head. Actually I think it’s dark brown but everyone else says black.

This is a very interesting nose for a stout. I’m pickup the normal dark roasted malts but I’m also picking up earthy hop aromas like Fuggles or Willamette. I can’t wait to see what this taste like.

Wow, what an interesting first ship, dark malts and my favorite hop flavors. This is going to be an interesting review.

The experience starts out with a touch of sweet dark malts up front on the tip of the tongue. That is immediately replaced with a heavy tingling as the beer washes over the tongue in the middle of the sip. There is a building hop robustness that builds during the middle of the sip toward the back-end. The back-end is fairly easy drinking with an almost effortless swallow. The finish is as interesting as it is unusual with the typical rich dark roasted malts of a stout but followed up the most incredible earthy hop presence. The final aftertaste is a little of both roasted malts and hops with the edge going to the earthy hops.
What a great experience. This in one unique beer; I have never tasted anything like this before.

As the beer warms it is getting much smoother and richer.

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this new experience. I have tasted hops before in stouts like Irish Dry Stouts but nothing like this. Plus these have to be my most favorite hop flavors. I love the earthiness of these hops.

This is a solid A+; the most original American Stout that that I have ever had.

Diesel is an amazing American Stout with a most creative and unusual twist. This artisan creation blends the rich dark roasted malt flavors of the stout with abundantly rich earthy hops and creates a one of a kind original experience. All in a 16oz can.

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