Friday, February 24, 2012

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA

Ruthless Rye IPA

Brewed by:
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, California

American IPA

6.60% ABV

Commercial Description:
Ruthless IPA is brewed with this rustic grain for refined flavors – combining the peppery spice of rye and the bright citrusy flavors of whole-cone hops to create a complex ale for the tumultuous transition to Spring.

General Pricing:
12oz bottle, ~$8.50 6 pack, ~$30.00 case

The gang at work contracted State Line Liquors to put together a basket of cheer for me when I was home with a nasty case of the Shingles. Robert Murray at SLL did a great job in personally selecting beers for me. The next several reviews will be from this gift basket.

The beer pours a clear copper with orange hues and a fairly rich off white head.

The nose is interesting with mild malt aromas and floral hops.

Nice first sip; clean malt flavors with a nice hop bite.

It starts out with a hint of sweetness up front on the tip of the tongue but that only last for a split second. It is immediately followed by a tingling over the tongue through the middle of the sip. There is a definite hop presence that builds toward the back end. There is a slight hesitation at the top of the swallow  but otherwise an easy drinking ale. There is a carbonation release during the swallow that masks some flavors. The finish is very nice, clean and refreshing with great rye malt flavors and a nice robust but not overpowering hop presence. From this nicely balanced finish carries some malt and hop flavors into the final aftertaste.

I’m not a hophead but these newer styles of hoppy beers are really growing on me.

I am really impressed with the flavors in this beer. I usually can’t pick up Rye in some of these new Rye beers but that’s not the case here. This beer has some nice natural rye flavors.

The hops are robust but to not seem to be overwhelming or very bitter for that matter.

The head has diminished to a thin protective layer over the top of the beer and the lacing is very impressive.

What an enjoyable experience.

There is a very refreshing quality to this beer. I usually let a beer warm up a little but I’m enjoying this one so much it’s almost gone.

Maybe I’m turning into a hop head. The more I drink this the better it gets and it started out great to begin with.

These rye malt flavors are nicely blending with these floral hop flavors creating a nice experience, even for me.

I’m going for an A on this delicious Rye IPA.

Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye is an excellent IPA with great rye malt flavors balanced with a robust hop presence leaving you refreshed and craving more. What a great experience. 

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