Sunday, February 20, 2011

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

Brewed by:
Warsteiner Brauerei


Munich Dunkel Lager

4.90% ABV

Commercial Description:
A light bodied clean dark lager.

General Pricing:

11.2oz, 330ml bottles: ~$15.00 12 pack, ~$23.00-$27.00 case

I’m a sucker for a good porter or a good dark lager. I was looking for something to drink for the super bowl and I saw a case of this at Costco for $23.00 so it just jumped into my cart, funny how that happens. I did manage to some to review.

The beer pours a clear dark brown with amber hues and an off white head.

The nose is subtle but nice with toasted caramel malts along with a low floral hop presence.

This is a nice light bodied dark lager with toasted malt flavors. It is surprisingly refreshing for a dark lager.

The taste starts sweet caramel malts up front followed by a more robust malt flavor but with a very refreshing carbonation during the middle of the sip. The back-end is very easy drinking and remains quite refreshing. The finish has just a hint of hops but mostly that nice toasted malt flavor. There is little to no lingering aftertaste.

I really like the simple dark lagers. It’s impressive to have a darker beer also have a light and refreshing body. The extra dark malt also makes this smoother than your typical lager.

All and all I really like this beer. As it warms however there is a slight harshness that comes out. This is not unexpected for a lager so I’m not really worried about it.

I’m going for a C+ maybe a B- on this one. It’s a nice dark lager, very refreshing and light bodied with a nice clean hop finish. This is a great beer when you looking for something a little extra but also want to keep it refreshing.

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