Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Full Sail Session Black Lager

Session Black Lager

Brewed by:
Full Sail Brewing Company / Tasting Room and Pub
Hood River, Oregon, USA


5.40% ABV

Commercial Description:
Short, Dark, and Drinkable and four time Gold Medal Winner including the 2009 GABF! Our newest member of the family, Session Black, carries the mantra of drinkability into new territory. Most beers this dark are so heavy-duty, you could eat them with a fork. Session Black, on the other hand, lets you have your dark beer and drink it, too. With just a hint of roasty chocolate character, Session Black is short, dark, and totally drinkable. At long last, a dark beer that doesn't drink like a meal.
ABV 5.4% IBU 18

General Pricing:
11oz bottle, ~$ 16.00 12pack, ~$29.00 case

My friend Joe has been waiting or Full Sail to arrive in our area since this summer. Just a few weeks ago we realized that State Line Liquors just added Full Sail to their lineup. Joe proceeded to purchase several Full Sail beers and in turn gave me a sampler of the Session Lager, Session Dark, Amber and IPA. So this is the second out of four Full Sail reviews.

The beer pours a clear dark amber, almost brown with rich ruby hues and an off white head.

The nose is nice with subtle toasted malt aromas and a pleasant floral hop aroma.

Man this is another winner from Full Sail; clean and refreshing with a nice malt background. The most interesting thing is that it has the smoothness of an ale.

It starts out with nice sweet toasted malts flavors up front then the most pleasant effervescence over the tongue in mid-sip. The back-end is very easy drinking. It is just before the finish on the swallow when you pick up more of these flavors. The finish is nice, still very clean and refreshing for a dark malt beer. There are nice toasted malt flavors on the finish, along with enough hops present to dry without bitttering. Some of these malt flavors do carry into the final aftertaste.

All and all this is a great Schwarzbier or Dark Lager.

The flavors in this beer remind me of Negra Modella or Shiner Black Lager but with one big difference. This beer has a very nice refreshing quality to it that the others do not.

Once again this will be another short review since the glass is empty already.

I’m going to give this Dark Lager a B+. This beer has just about everything going for it; smooth and clean with a nice dark malt flavors and the most refreshing quality. This beer is so smooth it drinks more like an ale than a lager.

I highly recommend this beer to anyone looking for something just a little extra in a nice drinkable beer. This will be the perfect beer for a summer evening. This smooth refreshing beer is sure to please the palates of the novice to the connoisseur.

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