Monday, December 6, 2010

Bottle Returns

My son John came over the other night saying that he had some bottles to be returned to Delaware for the deposit. So I figured this would be a good excuse to get rid of some bottles that have been accumulation in my basement.

I actually have 3 sections of beer bottles in the basement. And yes she still loves me for some unknown reason. I have a set of keepers that I just want to keep the bottles to decorate that fantasy Man Cave with, another set to be returned to Delaware for the deposit and a third set that are bottles to be recycled that were bought in PA or Maryland.

So getting back to the story, I decided to get rid of my Delaware bottles. John and I both figured we would buy a few singles with our recovered monies.
We ended up with (7) cases of empties to go back to Delaware. Not bad since most of my beer is bought in Maryland. Plus I thought I just returned my Delaware bottles not to long ago.

Now we had $8.40 to treat ourselves for all the hard work in returning the bottles.
We ended up with a 6 pack of Lancaster Winter Warmer for our reward. 

I’ll be reviewing the Lancaster Winter Warmer next.

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