Monday, October 11, 2010

Blanche De Bruxelles

Blanche De Bruxelles

Brewed by:
Brasserie Lefèbvre SA



4.50% ABV

Commercial Description:
Witbier is a very old type of beer, a speciality of the farm-breweries of old Brabant. The master brewers used their very best crops to make this beer. Blanche de Bruxelles owes its natural cloudiness to the large percentage (40 %) of wheat that goes into its composition.

The natural spice aromas of coriander and bitter orange peels are added during the brewing process. The brewing method, which includes infusion, is very slow. The beer, which is not filtered, is bottled and refermented with yeast and brewing sugar. You need only take a sip of this delicious drink to appreciate the fresh and mellow flavour with its hint of orange. It is really not like any other beer.

General Pricing:
330ml, 11.2oz, ~$9.00 4 pack, ~$51.00 case

I have had this beer a few times at beer tastings at State Line Liquors and really liked it. I decided to have this on draft at my Second Annual Craft Beer Event. Then I realized that I have never given this a full review. So here we go.

The bier pours a hazy pale yellow straw with a bright white head.

The nose is delightful with sweet wheat and yeasty notes along with light citrus notes; very inviting I can’t wait to dive into this one.

Wow what a light and refreshing bier. This may end up being my new gold standard for Belgian wits.

It starts out with a hint of sweet wheat malts up front, then the most pleasant and refreshing effervescence over the tongue in mid-sip. The back-end is still very carbonated but almost effortless to swallow. The finish is clean and refreshing; very light and somewhat dry. There is very little of a final aftertaste, there are just slight lingering notes of citrus and yeast.

I have had this several times at tastings but I never realized how enjoyably refreshing this is.

Throughout the tasting there are very pleasant notes of citrus and light fruits. This is extremely refreshing.

As this warms a little there are some noticeable spicy notes that I did not sense when it was cold.

This is going to be a short review since I only have one bottle and it’s so refreshing and easy drinking it’s just about gone.

This may not be the most flavorful Belgian Wit but it may be the most refreshing.

This is a solid A maybe even an A+. This is a most refreshing Wit with light notes a citrus and a hint of spice with a sweet wheat yeasty background. And at 4.5% I could drink this all day long. This is may be my new Gold Standard for this style.

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