Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr Beer Home Brewing

Well, we finally did it. Home Brewing was finally started last week.

We started off as about as simple as you can get with a Mr. Beer home brew kit. Actually I have had this kit for over 10 years and have never used it until now. Don't worry I bought a new ingredients kit to brew with.

As far as home brewing kits go, it doesn't get any simpler than this. One can of hop malt extract, sugar, water, and yeast. We brewed last week and bottled today. There's how it went down.

Last Week Brewing

Measuring the water for the boil.

 Pouring in the hop malt extract.

Adding the sugar.

Pouring the wort into the barrel fermentor.

Topping it off and cooling down for Yeast Pitching.

Pitching the yeast.

Waiting for fermentation.

One Week Later Bottling
Quality Control Taste Test

Priming the bottles with sugar.



Starting two weeks of bottle conditioning in the beer cabinet.

I guess the next post on this subject will be a review.

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