Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Fridge and Fathers Day Biers

New Birthday Bier Fridge and Fathers Day Biers

This is a little old but I just realized that I only posted this on Facebook and not here on my blog.

Bierthday Bier Fridge
I had a bierthday a while back and some dear friends bought me a new Bier Fridge.

After two day’s of precision temperature calibration. I started using it.

Most of these beers are for review. Actually I think I’ve already done several of them.

Fathers Day Brews
Then not to long ago I got a few beers and had a wonderful Fathers Day.

No, I did not drink them all on the same day but there is only one bottle of the Hommel Bier left that I am planning on reviewing. All the rest were thoroughly enjoyed.

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