Monday, May 17, 2010

Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yuengling Traditional Lager

Brewed by:
Yuengling Brewery

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

American Amber / Red Lager
4.40% ABV

Commercial Description:Has a deep amber color and a mild hop character.

General Pricing:12oz bottle, ~ $5.00 6pack, ~$20.00 case

Review #153
This was an old staple of mine. It was a lot cheaper and very comparable to Samuel Adams Lager. This is a very popular beer in these parts; southeastern PA. Actually around here it’s just pretty much known as “the lager”.  Since I have been in this craft beer craze I have not had too much of this beer, just occasionally with friends. I have not bought this is several years.

The beer pours a light amber with orange hues and an off white head.

Nice caramel malt aromas on the nose along with some a pleasant hop aroma. There is also a little grassy aroma on the nose as well.

Sweet caramel malts up front then a cleansing effervescence over the tongue in mid-sip. On the back end things start to go south. There is a building hop bitterness on the back-end through the swallow, that is actually very nice but along with that is a very off flavor that is not very good. The finish is fairly dry with a hop presence but there again is this off flavor. The final aftertaste is a little hoppy and malty but it has an almost metallic taste to it as well.

It is hard to believe that his use to be my “Go-To” beer. And that was still up to just a few years ago.

I suspect most of the odd flavors that I’m now detecting is the adjunct malt substitutes that are being used. But this metallic aftertaste, I really can’t explain. Rumor has it that this metallic aftertaste in only in the Yuengling lager brewed in this area. There are some around here that claim that the canned Yuengling lager taste better than the bottles. The cans are brewed in Florida.

Sorry for the rant, I’m back.

Despite the noted unpleasantness there are some very nice malt and hop aspects to the beer. It does still have some appeal.  

As this beer warms it is getting easier to drink or I am just getting use to the oddities. At any rate the malt flavors are really coming out now. Sorry my temperature probe is still broken so I can’t tell you the exact temperature. It is fairly close to room temperature at this point.

I really don’t know if this beer has changed or if I have but it is hard to believe that this was my everyday beer at one time. I really wish I could find out if this beer has changed or whether I’m really just a beer snob now.

At any rate is it what it is and for what it is I guess it aint so bad. I don’t think I’ll be buying it but I will take it on occasion when offered.

I know Beer Advocate has this as an American Amber / Red Lager but I think it should be an American Adjunct. I’m not sure what to do for a rating. I have not rated any of the other Adjuncts so I don’t think I’m going to rate this either.

If American Adjucts are your thing than this is one of the best. I certainly would take this over Bud or any of the other Pale Adjunct Lagers. If you are looking for a good American Amber / Red Lager than I would recommend Blue Point Toasted Lager. I have not reviewed that one yet but I have had it and it’s a pretty good Amber Lager.


  1. Just want to say that I always get a laugh out of reading your reviews. I also hear that you got a thermometer. I guess I will have to return the one I got you. Also I understand that your B-day is just around the corner. I wonder if anyone can top the Easter Bunny. Keep drinking.

  2. Missy,
    Shhhh, Don't tell anyone, I have a rep to protect. I actually picked up a meat probe at Home Depot. That's way you didn't see a pic of it. Hay it reads from 1 to 200 degrees so what the hack.

    I am trying to find a replacement probe for my thermometer but this will do for now.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.


  3. That metallic aftertaste has killed the desire in me to ever try this beer again. It has a nice price, some good flavor for the buck, then you hit that harsh metal tang and it just stays with you. Glad it's not just me because some of my friends swear by it.


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  5. Thank you. Just consumed a few cans of Lager and was almost thinking there was something wrong get with the beer due to the overpowering metallic taste.
    Now thanks to you that metallic taste is well known. Last time we will buy metal tasting beer. Thanks again.