Monday, May 24, 2010

Comments Post

Hello Everyone,

This post is just for comments, suggestions and recommendations.

I realized that there is no way to just leave a general comment on the blog that is not about a specific post. My solution is to crate a post just for comments.

So let me know what you think about this blog. Give me your suggestions for improving things, what you like what you don’t like.

I am also very interested in taking your suggestions for beer reviews.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



  1. Kirk here,

    Nice follow-up to the Sam Adams Octoberfest. I guess there is a very fine balance of ingredients and that balance can fall to a good side or an evil side. Good of you to give it a second chance.

  2. Kirk here,

    I could have sworn you reviewed Mikkeller's Monks Brew, but I couldn't find it on the blog. Belgian Dark Ale, 10 ABV. Delicious! I had to stop myself from gulping it down like a good milkshake. Creamy, not too sweet, and complex. Expensive, though. Stateline has it.

  3. Kirk here,

    Keep an eye for Nogne O from Norway. Their label has a big "Oh" or maybe it's a zero. My favorite is their Imperial Porter: thick, lots of chocolate notes, not too sweet. excellent balance, long finish. I love their Saison, too.

  4. Kirk here,

    One last recommendation: La Trappe Isid'or Trappist blonde. Koninghoeven's new label. Sort of like their Tripel, only lighter and more refreshing. Still 7.5 ABV, though. Nice banana notes.

  5. Kirk,
    Finally, someone used this comment post. Thanks for the input.

    @ Sam Adams Octoberfest
    I'm starting to think whole problem is quality control on their contract breweries. Very little is actually brewed in Boston.

    @ Mikkeller's Monks Brew
    I have had this at the Northern Europe beer tasting at State Line but I have not reviewed it yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @ Nogne O
    I have not had a bad beer from them yet. So far I have documented 5 that I have had. I did not know they make a saison. Their winter seasonal is also a porter, it may be from the same base, it's also great. Saison I'll have look for that.

    @ Koninghoeven
    The forgotten Trappist. I've had their Bubbel and Tripel but have not reviewed any of them yet. Thats a good suggestion. I really should do the whole series.

    Great suggestions Kirk. Thanks for commenting and keep it up.

    There are some great tastings coming up at State Line. Belgians are this Saturday and there will be 3 Christmas Beer tastings in Dec.
    Talk to you soon.


  6. Michelob Ultra, that's our beer since your birthday in 2002.
    Spring Hill, Fl

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