Saturday, January 30, 2010

High & Mighty Home for the Holidays

High & Mighty 
Home for the Holidays

Brewed by:
High & Mighty Beer Co.
Holyoke, Massachusetts


American Brown Ale
7.00% ABV

Commercial Description:
Home for the Holidays is a smooth, malty, warming brown ale, brewed with loads of roasted malts to give hints of chocolate and raisin, liberally dosed with noble Halletauer and Saaz hops, and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. It’s perfect for evenings with that special someone (or your dog, or ideally, both) in front of the fire, or to celebrate the return of a family member who’s been away . . . Profits from the sale of this product will be donated to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (

General Pricing:

22oz Bottle ~$5.00-$8.00

The beer pours a dark amber, almost brown with reddish hues with an off white head.

Dark malts almost, an almost burnt aroma is on the nose of this beer. There are also some fairly strong hop aromas along with a medley of spices. The spice and hop aromas are almost blending together into one aroma. This is one interesting and very inviting nose.

This is a very interesting tasting beer. I may have a hard time explaining this one.
The taste starts out with sweet but dark roasted malts. By mid-sip these toasted malt flavors build to a malt bitterness. The back end and finish are both malty and hoppy. There is definitely a hop bitterness to the finish but the final aftertaste is a malt bitterness with also a spice element to it. It almost has a smoky characteristic to it.

I’m having a hard time with the bitterness at the end of the taste. The malts seem to be more toasted with a lighter mouthfeel then a roasted thicker malt. I’m getting that from the initial flavor and mouthfeel of the beer. The problem I’m having is that the malt bitterness I’m getting is usually from a dark roasted malt not a lighter toasty one. There is also a coffee almost espresso bitterness. That could be killing this beer for me. I usually don’t like a coffee bitterness in a beer.  Well I told you I may have a hard time explaining this one.

The back-end bitterness just set’s me back. LOL

As this beer warms that back-end bitterness is turning unpleasant. Yeah, this beer is not warming very well. 

I had this beer in December at a Christmas Beer Tasting and I really liked it. Of course at a tasting you are only getting about 5 ounces in a sample glass so I full glass will always be a little different. I’m just surprised on how different this is.
Here is my tasting note: Very Good with a little smoke and Belgian Yeast Funk

At the tasting I perceived that malt bitterness as a smoky flavor and I picked up the Belgian Yeast. But now the bitterness overwhelmed the back-end where you would have picked up those yeasty notes.

This is the first time a really liked a sample but did not like the full glass. It’s not a bad beer but I would rather it be a little smoother especially on the back-end.  So I’m giving this a C- I really did not like this as much as I did at the tasting.

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