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Belgian Event

Update: 03-28-2010
I added some more pics at the end of this post
On September 12, 2009 a very unusual event to place; nothing Earth Shattering but a unique beer event, for our area anyway. On that day we had John’s First Annual Craft Beer Event; a Belgian Bier Banquet.

So what was this? Well it was part beer tasting part buffet dinner, somewhat educational and most of all 4 hour party with 134 family and friends.

We had 8 Belgian beers, 6 on draft and 2 in bottles. We also had a tasting table in which guests were asked to bring a bottle of their favorite craft beer; there were over 50 different beers at the tasting table. There was also water, soda and three types of wine served at the event. We had a full buffet supplied by the Holy Saviour Women’s club of Stuffed Chicken Breast, Kielbasa and Sour Kraut, Shells and Sauce, Green Been Casserole, Parsley Potatoes and a Tossed Salad. For dessert we had Ice Cream with a Framboise Fruit topping.

The evening started at 6:30 with two starter biers and a prayer. Just as I got up to explain the evening our parish pastor Fr. Sible arrived and led us all in saying grace. The biers, St Bernardus Witbier and Lindemans Framboise followed shortly there after. These biers were limited samplings served in small 4 oz. cups with the appetizers of; Leffe Blonde Bier Bread with a spicy dip and assorted soft pretzel logs with dips from the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory.

Just before the Buffet opened around 7:00 we opened up the main event of Belgian Biers;
(1) Tripel Karmeliet
Abbey Tripel |  8.00% ABV | Rate Beer: 98 Overall, 100 in Class | Beer Advocate: A- Excellent
Blond, robust, smooth, and fruity three grain top fermented beer, refermented in the bottle. Brewed with pride and patience after Karmeliet tradition with wheat, oat and barley. 100% natural. Has been brewed at Van Steenberge for Brewery Bosteels for some time until recently.

(2) Leffe Blonde
Belgian Pale Ale (blonde) | 6.60% ABV | Rate Beer: 79 Overall, 84 in Class | Beer Advocate: B Good Filtered.  Uses vieux temps yeast which gives the clove-like flavour. "Leffe Blond is a pale abbey beer, with a full, sunny, golden colour. It has a smooth and full bodied taste and a rich creamy head. Like all the Leffe beers, it is a 'connoisseur' beer that is easy to drink."

(3) Delirium Tremens
Belgian Strong Pale Ale |  9 % ABV | Rate Beer: 91 Overall, 78 in Class | Beer Advocate: A- Excellent The particular character and the unique taste of "Delirium Tremens" result from the use of three different kinds of yeast. Its very original packing, which resembles cologne ceramics, and the colourful label contribute to its success. In 1997, Stuart A. Kallen nominated Delirium Tremens as "best beer in the world". A gold medal during the "world beer championships" in Chicago (1998) confirmed that worldwide recognition.

(4) Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel

Belgian IPA Tripel |  9.00% ABV | Rate Beer: 99 Overall, 100 in Class | Beer Advocate: A Outstanding A unique marriage between the English tradition of IPAs, the new American revolution of Imperial IPAs and the classic Belgian way of brewing. Houblon Chouffe, although very much hopped as it is, showcases the unique balance between a very strong IPA and a very special Belgian Tripel exclusively created for this ale (Big malty body, distinct dryness, expressive estery fruitiness). - IBU: 59, Original Gravity: 1092

(5) Leffe Brune / Brown

Belgian Dark (brown) | 6.50% ABV | Rate Beer: 86 Overall, 80 in Class | Beer Advocate: B+ VG
A traditional Belgian abbey beer with a deep brown colour and a full, sweet and fruity aroma. Ingredients: dark and torrefied malt, corn, water, hop and yeast.

(6) St. Bernardus Abt 12
Quadrupel (Quad)|10.50% ABV | Rate Beer: 100 Overall, 98 in Class | Beer Advocate: A Outstanding The absolute top quality in the hierarchy of the St. Bernardus beers. It is also the beer with the highest alcohol content (10.50 %). A dark ivory coloured beer with a high fermentation. The show piece of the brewery. Thanks to its soft and unconditionally genuine aroma, the beer can be smoothly tasted. The Abt has a very fruity flavour.

Every guest was given a booklet explaining the biers. Also in the booklet were Food/Bier Pairing suggestions if they chose to pair a bier with their meal.

Each guest received a Belgian Tulip Glass for them to use the rest of the night and to take home with them as a little keepsake.

From 7:00 until around 9:00 the bier samples where around 5 oz or so just to insure that everyone would be able to taste each of the 6 main event biers.

From 9:00 or so on we kicked the party up into high gear. Michael Peisochenski our DJ did a fantastic job giving the guest what they wanted to hear and dance to. At the same time Tim Connell our bartender for the evening let the taps fly as well. So from this time on we served full 8 – 10 oz servings of the must delicious Belgian Ales.

The tasting table continued to be a big hit throughout the whole evening. This was mainly do to the oversight of Johnny (BierVlog of YouTube fame). I received many complements on the assistance he gave everyone in selecting a beer that they would enjoy and the knowledgeable background on the beer styles that he provided to them.  

The partying continued to almost 11:00 PM, even though we were supposed to stop at 10:30.

It was a great time!

Here are a few pics.

I was only person without a drink responsibly wrist band, that was drinking.

Updated 3-28-2010

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