Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yuengling Bock

Yuengling Bock

Brewed by:
Yuengling Brewery
Pottsville, Pennsylvania

5.10% ABV

On Draft

Sorry no picture on this one. The beer madness has reached such a point that I actually wrote this down on an index card while at Champs restaurant last night. No Missy, I do have a problem or need any help, LOL.
I had a sample of this beer in May at the Mount Hope Beer Festival. The brewery representative told me that this beer was discontinued back in 1972 and just brought back this year. I was so excited to see it at Champs that I was compiled to do an impromptu review. I still have not seen this in stores and it is not listed on their website.

The Review:
Pours a dark brown almost black with amber reddish hue and an off white rich foamy head with just a few soapy bubbles in it.

Nice toasted malts on the nose.

Nice flavors in this beer, very smooth and excellent lacing.

This is the best thing Yuengling has done in years. I hope the bottles are as good as this draft was.

The beer is very smooth even after it warms up a little. No, I did not bring my thermometer; see the madness isn’t that bad, yet.

This was so good I asked for another one. I am only about halfway through this one but the beer is served a little too cold for me. I’m hoping by the time I’m ready for the second one it will have warmed up for me.

Typically the local Yuengling beers have a metallic taste to them; not the case with this one. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s on draft or not but this is a nice tasting beer. I am pleasantly surprised.

This is a very good Bock, a B or even a B+. I need to review more bocks and then see that if compared to the style this rating may go down a little. But for a nice easy drinking beer that has a good amount of toasted malt flavor I’m sticking to a B or B+. It could be that I’m just excited that Yuengling has produced such a nice beer.

Wow I just noticed that I wrote “A for a good drinkable beer from Yuengling” I guess I’ll have to stick with an A until I have this again.


  1. John It is not for me to judge. By the way take a look at my blog I went ahead and used your method of beer tasting of sort. Thank for all the key words and Hi Im missy and I am an addict.

  2. i heard the yuengling metallic taste had to do with the water it was brewed with-- the lager cans are produced in florida and don't have it. of course, not everyone in my household will deign to drink beer out of a can, so we don't buy it.

  3. I’ve seen a YouTube review on Yuengling and it did not have the metallic taste, also brewed in FL.

    I’ll have to send some “cans” from Oskar Blues over to your household and see if someone’s opinion will change.