Monday, October 5, 2009

Flying Dog's Dogtoberfest


Brewed by:
Flying Dog Brewery

Frederick, Maryland


Märzen / Oktoberfest
5.30% ABV

Pours a dark amber with reddish hues and a fairly creamy off white head.

Very nice carbonation with lots of tiny bubbles rising up from the bottom of the glass.

Sweet caramel malts, light hops are on the nose. Very pleasant aromas from this beer.

Very nice tasting beer; sweet caramel malts up front then a very nice effervesces over the tongue and the back end is filled with nice malts a little spice and a drying hop finish. You are left with a somewhat malty aftertaste.

This seems to have more malt flavors up front then most of the Oktoberfest beers that I’ve has so far this year. This is a very easy drinking beer. I’ve been referring to it as malty but It’s not a heavy malt, it’s a light caramel malt but a little heaver that a typical lager.

As this beer warms up I am picking up more flavors of both malt and hops. The finish is a little more bitter, still very good it’s just that the hops are more pronounced now.

The final sips were at 66 degrees and not bad at all. The Ayinger was a better warm finisher than this beer was. The Ayinger maintained a nice smooth finish till the end. This one gained a little more bitterness toward the end.

All and all this is a very good Oktoberfest. This may be the best Oktoberfest brewed in the states. It did just win a gold metal at the Great American Beer Festival for German Style Märzen. I can certainly see why. And some pretty funny artwork on the bottle label.

A solid B maybe even a B+ for Flying Dog’s Dogtoberfest. I don’t know how widely available this beer is but I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good Oktoberfest beer.


  1. Found some this weekend. I'll be trying it out with Missy over the next two weeks! Missy can't wait to get the ugly bottles out of the fridge, though.

  2. Ugly? Oh well.

    Let me know if you like it. If you get Flying Dog out there I can give you a few more recommendations.

  3. We found the Flying Dog at a grocery store in Rockford. They must have had about 6 or 8 different brews from that label. I found the Dogtoberfest to be a very enjoyable beer. I just had two, one while making dinner and one during! Missy also enjoyed this beer. One thing, though, I'm not sure it was a Lager...

  4. Hey Ken, that’s good news about Flying Dog. You should try their Double Dog Double Pale Ale, it’s a very good imperial/double pale ale. I have not had it but their Gonzo Porter is on my wish list.

    There is no indication that the Dogtoberfest is anything other then an Oktoberfest Marzen so I would assume it is a lager. But like most good Oktoberfest they taste more like an ale.

  5. I was just wondering about the "ale" right next to the bar code. Is that just a tax issue?

    Anyway, it was a very good beer! I have one left. Maybe this weekend, I'll get out to Rockford and try a couple of your suggestions.

    On a side note, Illinois just upped the taxes on beer and alcohol, so we may be waiting to get to Wisconsin to purchase more tasters...