Sunday, October 4, 2009

Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale

Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale

Brewed by:
Buffalo Bill's Brewery
Hayward, California

Pumpkin Ale

5.20% ABV

Well this beer clams to be “America’s Original Pumpkin Ale” so let’s see what it’s like.

Pours a slightly cloudy copper with orange hues and a bright white head. The head was soapy and went away very quickly. This beer is also highly carbonated; there are a tremendous amount of tiny bubbles rising up from the bottom of the glass.

Not much of anything on the nose. It almost smells like an American macro lager. It is somewhat grainy, slight caramel aromas and a very faint hop presence.

The taste is very sweet and spicy, almost sour. It is surprising that for a beer that has so many tiny bubbles rising up in the glass it taste pretty flat. The taste on the back end is a little too much for me, It’s almost jaw shivering.

The mouthfeel is very odd there is little to nothing in flavor or sensory experience until you get the back end of the sip. Just as you are about to swallow you are hit with a sweet spicy sour taste.

As the beer warms up, now at 64 degrees it is getting sourer.

Well I really didn’t like this one. This is the third Pumpkin Ale that I’ve had this year that has that sour finish. It is drinkable and maybe not a bad beer but I just don’t care for it. So if I have to give this a rating it would be a D+; Somewhat drinkable just not for me.


  1. The only one I haven't tried so far from the bunch is the Weyerbacher. This one is my least favorite so far. The sourness makes it almost undrinkable. I should have reviewed it because I'm sure I made a ridiculous face at each sip. haha

  2. I was expecting something better from “America’s Original Pumpkin Ale”

  3. Obviously there have been improvements on the original.