Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beck's Oktoberfest

Beck's Oktoberfest


Brewed by:
Brauerei Beck & Co.


Märzen / Oktoberfest
5.00% ABV

Pours a dark copper with reddish hues and a white to off white head. The head was very soapy and disappeared quickly.

Very nice nose, caramel malts light hops and something else I can’t quite get. There is a toasted malt almost nutty aroma and oh, I got it now it’s a little bit of that German skunk, just a hint it was hard to sense at first.

Hmm that’s a little different then I remember. A light caramel sweetness up front then a cleansing with a little German skunky taste with a dry hop finish and then back to a caramel aftertaste.

It doesn’t taste bad just a little flat and a little skunky.

This is not bad but I’m certain this was a better beer last year. I’m going to have to try this again and make sure I buy it from a different store. I could be that this was mishandled and that’s why it doesn’t taste as good as it did last year. I do remember last years having a very rich head also. I’m pretty sure this one is old or it was mishandled.

I’m going to stop reviewing this here. I’ll either edit this post or add another post when I get another bottle. It will be interesting to see the difference.

If I were to rate this beer on this bottle only it would be a C and that may be generous.

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