Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About This Blog

About This Blog

First of all I need to tell you that if you are looking or a real beer expert then you are still looking because it’s not me. I’m just a regular guy sharing his opinion and enthusiasm for craft beer.

This blog started shortly after my son John started doing video beer reviews on YouTube. In order to keep up with him and others on YouTube I had to create a YouTube channel. In the channel set up they ask for a link to a home page. So in an effort not to have this area blank I created this blog. Shortly after I posted my first review of Dogfish Head Squall, then with some encouragement from family and friends I decided to continue.

I’m not sure what I’m doing with this blog we’ll just have to let it run and see what happens. In general this has turned into an avenue to help document some of my beer madness. Like I said earlier I’m not an expert. I am however a long time beer enthusiast.

I have always looked for better beers than the so called “Premium” American beers, now referred to as American Macro Lagers. Does anyone remember Erlanger? It was a drinkable beer that was made by Schlitz in the late 70’s early 80’s. That was one of my first attempts in finding better American beers. At that time you had to settle for costly imports if you wanted a drinkable beer. I don’t want to get into the whole craft beer development story but needless to say there were a lot a junk micro brews produced in the 80’s and 90’s that turned me off from looking any further. I just kept to imports and settled for a few American beers like Sam Adams, Yuengling Traditional Lager etc.

About 5 years ago I stumbled across a few Belgian beers. My reaction was; wow this is what beer is supposed to taste like. I was content with my new beer home as it were and stayed with Belgians for quite a while. Then about 3 years or so ago I was introduced to Robert Murray, owner of State Line Liquors in Elkton, MD. Robert has monthly beer tastings and stocks an unbelievable variety of beers, now over 1600. So I started going to the Belgian tastings then I gradually started tasting and experimenting with all styles of craft beer, which brings me to my current beer insanity and this blog.

One again, I Am Not An Expert! But I do have a few beers under my belt, well, in my case they may be over my belt. I created a beer list and have documented over 440 craft beers that I have tried over the last few years. These beers are from 15+ countries and 75+ different styles. That may sound like a lot of beers to some but I am just scratching the surface of this craft beer world and I am learning new things about beer everyday.

So part of my goal or purpose with this blog is to help family and friends navigate through the vast expanse of craft beers. The days are gone when you could go into a store, blindly pick up a beer and think that you might like it. We all need to learn the lingo and styles of this craft beer world in order to successfully pick up something new and hope to enjoy it. Maybe with my limited experience we can help each other find those enjoyable beers, discuss different styles and find the beer or style of beer that we like the best. With the diversity of beers out there I am convinced that there is a beer for everyone. So maybe we can help each other illuminate the good beers and navigate through this new world of Craft Beer.

Here is the one thing to keep in mind:
It is all a matter of taste; your personal taste. Just because I or someone else thinks a beer is good, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

Thanks for being here.

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