Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About The Reviews

About The Reviews

Generally I take a picture of the beer and bottle then sit down and write the review as I’m experiencing that beer. I try to capture character development as the beer warms and opens up. I also jot down any random thoughts and comments that pop into my head about the beer.

I general try to follow the ASTM method of reviewing. Appearance; what does this beer look like. Smell; what aromas are on the nose of the beer. Taste; what does this beer taste like. Mouthfeel; what is the overall mouthfeel and finish of the beer. I loosely follow this method but try to put it in more of a story form.

Each beer tells a story. Sometimes the character development is incredibly complex and impressive. Sometimes it is just downright awful. None the less they all have story to tell. To encourage this character development I like to let the beers warm up as much as I can. This is as much of a stress test or extreme test that I can come up with. Even though you will most likely drink any beer chilled, my general feeling is that a well crafted beer doesn’t taste bad warm. So if I can I will let the beer I’m reviewing get to room temperature and try to document its development.

I try to keep these reviews light and somewhat humorous. The only problem with that is, my English ain’t too good so it don’t come off liken I means it.

I try not to find out too much about a beer before I review it. I don’t want someone else’s opinion to influence my review. I also will try and state up front on the review if I’ve had this before or if it was one of my favorites but I will still put that beer through its paces.

I’m still not sure about a rating system; good, very good verses a letter grade B, B+. The one thing that I know for sure is that I will do my best to evaluate the beer based on its individual style. So a B or Very Good for one beer doesn’t mean it’s as high-quality as B or Very Good for another beer of a different style. For instance; gave Flying Dog’s Dogtoberfest Oktoberfest Marzen a B+ then I gave Moosehead Pale Lager the same rating, a B+. The Flying Dog beer is by far the more superior brew and can’t even be compared to Moosehead. But based their individual beer styles they are both a B+. I may also give an overall rating but I have to maintain a rating by style. So in this case Dogtoberfest would have an overall B+ rating but the Moosehead would be more like an overall C-.

Like I’ve said many times here, I Am Not An Expert; just a regular guy giving you my humble opinion on what a beer taste like.

Hopefully as I learn more I can identify the different hops and malts that are used in the beer. For now you’ll just have to put up with me saying; it’s hoppy or malty.

Here is the one thing to keep in mind:
It is all a matter of taste; your personal taste. Just because I or someone else thinks a beer is good, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

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