Sunday, September 20, 2009

What’s for Breakfast?

So you’re having a nice fall breakfast but you just can’t decide on the beverages. What goes with a hearty breakfast of Bacon, Scrapple, Cream Chip Beef on Toast, and Apple Fritters? Well, coffee and orange juice for sure but what a about that over breakfast beverage? Lancaster Milk Stout! Yeah that’s right, beer for breakfast! Not just any beer but a milk stout is a perfect pairing with breakfast meats like scrapple and bacon. It also lends its self well to cream chip beef on toast.

Milk stout has a good amount of sugars that the yeast does not consume mainly lactose; so it is a very sweet and creamy stout.

And just incase Missy may think I'm joking here is a picture of my Sunday Breakfast plate.

As soon as Kathy came home from the market with scrapple I knew what I was going to have with it for breakfast; Milk Stout. Oh yes in deed, the breakfast of champions was had this morning.

I’ll be posting a separate review on the Lancaster Milk Stout.


  1. I laughed so hard. I was thinking what all that for breakfast. Quick question. were you able to pick all the pig hair our before you ate your scrapple? I will have to look into this "Milk stout".

  2. Oh by the by I just wanted you to know that I am still available for counseling. I won't tell anybody that your now drinking all hours of the day.

  3. Sorry, I didn’t see any piggy hair in this scrapple. I think Habbersett leaves that and the oink out of their scrapple.

    I’ll give a better explanation of Milk Stouts in upcoming posts. I think you’ll like them. I just had to post this one from today’s breakfast, thought you would like it.

    Sorry I’m still in denial, I don’t have a drinking problem the rest of society does. My quest it to prove to society that there is a beer for everyone and a beer for every meal no matter what time of day you eat.

    I’m just rediscovering what the monks have known for centuries.

  4. Missy just attempted to chastise me for pouring a Leinekugle Oktoberfest. It's about 6:51 and I just got home after a twelve-hour shift at work. So it's 6:51 AM -- couldn't I get some ham and eggs with my beer?

  5. Hey after a 12 hour shift you’re entitled to a beer, AM or PM!