Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lancaster Milk Stout

Lancaster Milk Stout

Brewed by:
Lancaster Brewing Company
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Milk Stout  5.30% ABV

Later this winter during Stout Season I will probably have a separate posting on all the stout styles but for now here is my take on Milk Stout. Milk stouts do not have milk in them but they do have added sugars that are not consumed by the yeast; mainly lactose. So these left over lactose sugars give this style stout a very sweet and creamy mouth feel and taste, along of course with all the traditional heavy roasted malt flavors that you have in all stouts. So when you see milk stout expect a sweet creamy stout.

Pours a very dark completely opaque brown almost black, “Stout Black” as some would say. There may be just a hint of reddish light on the bottom edge of the glass. This beer also produced a nice thick and fairly creamy tan head.

It is very sweet on the nose. There are still those classic roasted malt aromas but there is a definite sweetness also. Chocolate, nutty, dark roasted caramel aromas penetrate out through that thick creamy head.

Oh, smooth, sweet and somewhat refreshing for a full bodied beer. This is a very nice Milk Stout. There is nothing over the top just a well crafted stout.

Your mouth is just coated with dark roasted malt flavors then there is an almost drying effect but you are left with lingering sweet malty taste. It’s a very thick and creamy mouth feel.

As it warms up it gains a little harshness that wasn’t noticeable when it was colder. It’s still a good beer but it’s just not as smooth as it was earlier.

The beer is over 60 degrees now and it’s still a good drinkable beer. The more I drink it the more I want to take back the harshness comment. It is not really harsh it’s a heartier malt flavor. Something like a roasted malt bite or bitterness. It’s not unpleasant at all but it also isn’t as smooth as it was.

All and all it’s not a bad brew from Lancaster Brewing Co. in Lancaster PA. Not the best Milk Stout but certainly not the worst either. It's certainly well above above average; I’d give it a B-.

This would be a good starter beer for anyone that is looking to try a Milk Stout. The only real problem is that Lancaster Brewing has a very small distribution so this beer may be hard to find outside of Southeastern PA and surrounding area.

And Yes, It makes a perfect Breakfast Beer!

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