Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brooklyn Oktoberfest Beer

Oktoberfest Beer

Brewed by:
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, New York

Märzen / Oktoberfest 5.50% ABV

Pours a very nice looking clear copper with reddish hues and a very rich off white head a little soapy but mostly a nice and creamy. This beer also has good carbonation rising up from the bottom of the glass.

Wow, nice clean fresh notes on the nose. Mostly caramel malts fairly sweet and just a hint of hops. It really smells good nothing outrageous just a nice pleasant smelling beer.

Ok I usually hold Brooklyn to a higher standard so I may end up being too critical on this one.

You start with a nice malty sweetness good carbonation and a drying finish but there is something else on the back end of this. Still smooth and very enjoyable but there is something else there that is catching me off guard. This is a similar taste that I get in several German beers. This may just be the normal aftertaste of the German malts.

The head has diminished but it is leaving impressive lacing on the glass.

The more I drink this beer the more I think that taste on the finish is the German Malts. There is also with a slight hop bitterness. It’s not a sweet malt finish like you get from a Belgian Ale it’s more of toasted malt flavor with just a little bit of bitterness.

Well it’s now at 64 degrees and still a pretty darn good beer. I am getting more accustomed to the malty bitterness in the finish. It was never bad tasting it was just a confusing taste that I didn’t expect.

The good news is that my lovely wife bought me a six pack of this so I’m going to have another one of these bad boys and think about my overall impression.

The second beer is more enjoyable. Not that the first one wasn’t but I’m not overanalyzing this one just relaxing and enjoying it. This is a very easy drinking and refreshing beer. It has a very pleasant carbonation good flavors and it’s not a very heavy beer. Just a nice enjoyable fall brew.

This is a good Oktoberfest. It’s not the most flavorful Oktoberfest I’ve had but it is very good, B for sure.

Post Review Notes:
I just had this beer with my dinner. It was a great pairing with Johnsonville Beer Brats, Cheeseburgers and Fries. It was very refreshing and easy to drink with a meal. This is a very good Oktoberfest beer and goes great with a meal. I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that this wasn’t a good beer. I was just a little over critical on the review.

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