Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berghoff Sundown Dark

Berghoff Sundown Dark

Brewed by:
Minhas Craft Brewery
Wisconsin, United States

American Brown Ale

Pours a very dark amber close to brown, clear with dark copper hues. There is a light tan head. The head looked pretty rich and I thought it would hang around for a while but it didn’t. There is a nice film on top of the beer with a lingering ring around the sides of the glass with some lacing.

Nice aroma of dark roasted malts, almost Belgian like, rich nutty chocolate notes with sweetness.
Wow I saved the best of these Berghoff beers for last. This is a very nice well crafted beer. It starts with a sweet roasty malt flavors a nice tingly carbonation on the tongue and then more malty goodness on the back end. Surprisingly enough it has a drier finish than you would expect with all that maltines. There is a very low hop bitterness just enough to balance and provide a dryer finish.

It has a smooth rich maltiness but it is also a very refreshing beer. That maybe due to the carbonation.

Even with all the malt flavors this is still a medium bodied beer and very easy to drink

There is nothing outstanding with this beer it’s just well done.

Let’s see what it does after it warms up a little.

This beer is at 61 degrees now, there is more bitterness on the back end but it is still very pleasant to drink.

This is a solid B, I really like this beer.


  1. I am getting a little concerned about all the beer you've been drinking. So I would be willing to be your sponsor if you ever decide to quit. OH when I mean sponsor. I would drink them for you and let you know how they rate.

  2. Gee thanks for the offer. I thought the sponsor would help purchase the beers for me. That would make the spouse happy.

    These beers were consumed over the last few weeks I just posted them close together. Honest, I don’t’ have a drinking problem well not really.

    Plus I have 3 more to edit and post. No, no problem here.